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Keys to Living Well

In this 4-part self-guided audio course you'll learn what it takes to live an authentically connected life … to co-workers, family, and your spouse. Most importantly to God. Follow along in your printable coaching workbook and discover the exact steps on how to communicate well, reconcile well, transition well, and love well.


From Looking to Loving

In this motivating and Biblically-based self-guided video program, you’ll identify 4 key things that keep you from having the relationship you want and what to do about it. You’ll also get practical tips on how to grow in your relationship with God, pray with a purpose for your future mate, truly love yourself, and be the right one before finding the right one!



In this 4-part self-guided audio course, you'll unpack what it takes to be an overcomer in the areas of overcoming rejection, fear, jealousy, and self-doubt. You'll identify areas you are stuck and learn what to do to get free. Follow along in the printable coaching workbook so you can find your lasting breakthrough. You are an overcomer!


Free Courses, Downloads, and Videos

Living Free

In this free 60-minute audio/video class you'll be challenged to examine your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and discover how they keep you stuck. You'll also have access to a PDF Workbook to guide you to your breakthrough.

Freedom Challenge

In this free 6 module mini-course, you'll be challenged to examine areas of your faith. Coaching questions will lead you to get massive clarity so you can evaluate, reset, and position yourself to reach your God-given dreams.

Freedom Prayers

In this free PDF guide, you'll be introduced to the 8 basics of Freedom Coaching®, find suggested questions to ask God, and a closing prayer. Learn about how to find freedom from un-forgiveness, rejection, fear, and more!

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The Freedom Encounter

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